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Thea Koch





A Bit About Me!

Hey all!! 

Now is the time where you get to learn a little more about me before sending that message to set up a session! 

Let's begin with I have been a small town Vermont girl my whole life. Born and raised in Hyde Park, Vermont with my mom, dad, brother and sister. I am a definite family girl, home is my safe space. My family is the most important thing to me other than my pups. I have a golden doodle named Daisy and a basset hound named sprocket. They are my best friends and best cuddle bugs. In my spare time I like to work with my boyfriend's family at their Christmas tree farm, hike, fish, kayak, play with my pups and swim. If you can not tell, I love being outside. This is the time in my life that I can take time to create long lasting memories. I spent the last years of my high school career preparing and learning all I could to be successful as a young women entrepreneur.  When I tell people my age they are amazed how far ahead I am. Yes, I am 18 years old running my own photography business. I am very passionate about what I do. I am here to help YOU capture and empower the important individuals and moments in your life. 


Enough about me… now it's time for me to get to know you!! Go ahead and fill out a contact form or send me a quick text or email!! I would love to meet up and I can't wait to serve you!


Xoxo Thea 

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